Business sale specialists

Metzger Business Search is renowned for helping clients to grow their business through strategic acquisition of target companies. However, the sale of your business is rightly viewed as the culmination & realisation of your hard work. Delivered by a separate team within Metzger, we offer a unique, bespoke & confidential service to maximise your business' value.


We thoroughly research global buyers for your business

Despite decades of experience across many verticals, we view each sale mandate as a new, specific piece of work and assess which companies should be most interested in your type of business. Often we would suggest a list of several hundred to be approached.


We confidentially approach potential acquirers

Rather than "marketing" our clients, we have a unique approach to establish the buying interest of those on our agreed target list. We do not believe in delivering sensitive information to anyone unless they have previously told us what they would acquire, where & why. We preserve the anonymity of our clients until we have agreed meeting dates with prospective acquirers.


We negotiate to achieve the best deal

The "best" deal does not necessarily mean just the highest price - although that is often a critical element! Deliverability, strategic fit, structure & price are all considerations. Creating competitive tension amongst buyers is usually necessary to achieve the best deal.


We stay with you throughout the process

Although our major role is to introduce the buyer to our clients, we remain actively involved in the entire process until completion, and beyond if there is consideration to be paid at a later date. We firmly believe in establishing a timetable of events to the completion date that both sides adhere to.