Acquiring for growth

We identify and prioritise the businesses you should buy

We offer a bespoke research process that identifies potential business acquisitions matching your specific criteria - typically in terms of sector, product/service offering, turnover, location, strategic fit and appetite for sale. This process, coupled with our extensive professional experience and industry expertise, means we often uncover businesses before they are publicly for sale.


We approach the target businesses for you

On agreement of a prioritised list of business acquisition targets, Metzger Business Search will make formal contact with the prospect and commence a qualification process with a view to learning more about its business and finances before bringing the parties together. This not only allows us to leverage our experience in dealing with business owners, but also provides a confidentiality shield between your business and a broad number of potential market participants.


We provide additional research and analysis services

We also undertake focused, in-depth research and analysis into a specific market sector or an individual company. We will investigate those aspects of the business that are important to you and document our findings in a comprehensive report.


The acquisition search process

Successful growth through acquisition requires a targeted search to identify businesses that are not only for sale but are also a good strategic fit. Metzger Business Search applies a rigorous research and qualification process to ensure a credible and viable match between the business purchaser and seller.

  • Agree with clients the basic criteria for a strategic business acquisition, e.g. sector, product/service offering, turnover, location etc.
  • Use our bespoke research process to identify potential targets.
  • Produce a comprehensive report profiling potential business acquisition targets, including financials, product portfolio, market performance, pricing and reputation, to identify opportunities that match the basic acquisition criteria.
  • Review the research report with clients and agree a short list of target businesses to approach.
  • Establish contact with key shareholders and/or management of target businesses for preliminary discussions to evaluate the probability of a business match.
  • Hold initial Metzger Business Search meeting with targets to continue the qualification process.
  • Facilitate and host introductory meetings between the two parties.
  • Withdraw to allow direct negotiation between client and target.